Email forward from Gmail

Forwarding emails from Gmail (or Google Apps) to SupportYard is quite easy:

1. Add new inbound mailbox

After logging in to your account click on Settings -> Mailboxes and click on the plus button to open the form for adding new mailbox. Fill in the fields Sender's name and Reply-To address (Autoresponder and Tags can be added later) and click on the Create mailbox button.

After creating a new mailbox, open its details by clicking on its item in the list and copy forwarding address from the gray preview box.

SupportYard settings

2. Add forwarding address to Gmail

Go to your Gmail account and click on gear icon in upper right corner, than click on Settings.

Gmail settings dropdown

In Settings panel click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and than on Add a forwarding address button.

Gmail forwarding settings

In shown modal paste your SupportYard mailbox address (the one you copied in step 1) and confirm it 2 times.

Gmail forwarding modal

3. Verify forwarding address

Go back to SupportYard and you will see a new ticket created from Gmail team. Open ticket and click on confirmation link to quickly verify forwarding address.

SupportYard confirmation ticket

4. Activate forwarding in Gmail

Go back to Gmail and go to Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, choose Forward a copy of incoming mail to radio and select SupportYard mailbox address from dropdown menu.

Activate forwarding in Gmail

Important. Once you enable forwarding to SupportYard you shouldn't use Gmail any more and respond only from SupportYard. If you mix usage from Gmail and SupportYard that will affect designed flow and you might lose some important information.


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