Improve support, organize your team and make your customers happy.

Easy Ticketing

The app is very easy to use and your new team members can start replying within several minutes of training.

Every email that starts a new conversation becomes a ticket. Assign tickets to your team members and track status of each conversation.

Ticket list
  • One ticket is one message thread.
  • Edit, merge, delete, and share tickets.
  • A ttach files easily by drag and drop.
  • For common questions, reply with a predefined answers and save time.
Ticket replies
Reply dropzone Canned responses

All your contacts and conversations are in one place.

Ticket contact

Track status of each ticket so each ticket gets the attention it deserves.

Ticket contact

Use tags to group tickets by some common topic or a request.

Ticket contact

Everything you do in SupportYard is secure and your data is safe at all times.

Secure communication