Bring order to your customer support

Organize your email conversations and make them easily accessible to your team members

Keep everything in one place

SupportYard converts all inbound email requests into support tickets and keeps them organized in one place. Every ticket has a clean conversation history so all team members can easily see all previous replies before sending a new one.

You don't need to dig throught a long email threads or use email forwardings to keep everyone in the loop.

Organize your team

Collaborative features like ticket assignment and private replies will help your team collaborate efficiently behind the curtain.

Everyone will know which tickets they're responsible for, they can collaborate on problematic issues and be sure that some important information will not be missed.

Make your customers happy

Your customers will never have to login anywhere to reply to ongoing conversation. It will be like a regular email conversation for them and they will never know that you use some software for email support.

One of the ideas behind the SupportYard is to be invisible for the customers but powerful for the team.

Boost your productivity

You can use custom tags to organize tickets for future reference and use powerful search to easily find what you are looking for.

With SupportYard you will spend less time on searching what your need and spend more time working with your customers.